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Tórshavn, Faroe Islands and London, UK, 2nd September 2021. The Faroe Islands Football Association and football analysis provider, Bepro, are today announcing that they have entered a three-year agreement that sees Bepro become the Official Performance Analysis Provider to the nation’s national team.

Currently competing in World Cup 2022 qualifiers, the Faroe Islands played their first FIFA-recognised fixture against Iceland in 1988. Having consistently held a FIFA rank of around 100 over the last several years, the country’s association have invested in their footballing infrastructure in order to develop better coaches and players and ultimately improve performances on the pitch…

In a summer packed with sport, the recent Tokyo Olympics provided another stage for both young (and some older) footballing talent from around the world to show what they were capable of as 16 teams competed for a coveted gold medal, which on the men’s side went to Brazil for the second time in a row.

Our expert analysts broke down every game from the men’s tournament in detail, collecting data to provide a more in-depth view of what happened on the pitch. …

As the oldest professional football club in the world, Notts County have experienced just about everything it’s possible to go through in football over the last 159 years.

Currently playing in the National League, County are putting all their efforts into returning to League 2 and the English Football League at the third time of asking. As they look to do this they are taking an innovative approach and embracing new technologies to find an edge over their opponents.

Bepro are a big part of this. Towards the end of last season, the club installed a Bepro Fixed Camera System…

Thursday 21st July, Hamburg and Berlin. Football analysis provider Bepro, sports streaming business and football federation Nordostdeutscher Fußballverband e.V. (NOFV) have entered an exclusive four year agreement that will see the three parties work together to further professionalise Regionalliga Nordost (RLNO), a football league operating at the fourth tier of German football.

This agreement follows a successful partnership between Bepro and the NOFV over the interrupted 2020/21 season, where the federation was provided with data and video for every game of the Men’s RLNO campaign.

Hear from Regionalliga sides about how Bepro helps them improve performances on the pitch

For every club, the end of a season brings the chance to look back at what was achieved over the previous campaign. As a football business on a mission to help clubs of all sizes measure, understand and improve performances, this moment also provides Bepro with the opportunity to revisit the key updates we brought to support teams looking to find an edge over the 20/21 season.

Check out our highlights below.

Interactive Tracking Data Video Features

Football has its own language and at Bepro, we speak it fluently. Our analysts are experts in the specific terminology used within the professional footballing world - each one is trained to interpret and translate what’s happening on the pitch into individual events and actions.

To date, we have analysed 28,000 matches from 16 countries, collecting 18,302,480 successful passes, 689,640 shots and millions of other events.

A Strict Process

We focus on collecting data you can trust. Without reliable data, player and team performances cannot be easily compared. We understand the importance of being able to compare passes to passes, interceptions to interceptions…

After a season heavily interrupted and ultimately cancelled thanks to Coronavirus, Energie Cottbus are making investments in their club’s infrastructure that sees them expanding the performance analysis services they receive from Bepro.

Energie Cottbus are no strangers to Bepro, having used the service for the last one and a half seasons to provide the senior teams with performance analysis. As the first team focuses on pushing for a return to the 3. Liga next season, the new agreement will support the club’s development sides with video and data.

The brand new Bepro Messenger allows users to share video and communicate across their club, using their own devices.

The Messenger is fully integrated with the wider Bepro11 platform, including the Bepro Editor. Through it, video from Bepro or elsewhere can be shared alongside messages with anyone in your club with a Bepro account.

Here we will use our demo team, FC Hercules, to demonstrate how the Bepro Messenger can help you and your team.

The Italian 5-a-side Football Division, Divisione Calcio a 5, and Bepro established a partnership for the 2021 Men’s Serie A and Women’s Serie A Final Eight.

This partnership, focused on video analysis, provided all the teams in the competition with interactive panoramic video that was accessed live and after each match for analysis purposes.

This is a first for Bepro, who have been focused on providing analysis services to football. This partnership demonstrates the provider’s ability to adapt their technology to different situations and develop new capabilities at speed.

Potresti avere una futura star proprio sotto il naso e non averlo capito?
Stai lottando per identificare oggettivamente il talento?
Il nostro nuovo strumento di benchmark supporta lo sviluppo dei giocatori in tutta la tua squadra.

The Team: FC Hercules

Qui all’FC Hercules lavoriamo costantemente per trovare talenti per il futuro. Con un budget ridotto e un piccolo team dietro le quinte, il tempo e le risorse sono limitati. Tuttavia, riconosciamo l’importanza di identificare e sviluppare i nostri giovani giocatori. Creando le nostre stelle, risparmiamo denaro dai trasferimenti fornendo al contempo potenziali entrate dalla vendita di talenti.


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