Bepro Become Official Performance Analysis Provider to Regionalliga Nordost

Hamburg and Berlin, 21st September 2020. Regionalliga Nordost, the North Eastern Regional League in the fourth tier of German Football, and sports analysis business Bepro, have today announced an agreement that will see Bepro become the league’s Performance Analysis Provider.

As part of the deal, Bepro will capture video for every league game played by the division’s 20 teams. The Bepro team will use this video to collect performance data for every match event, analysing each pass, shot, duel and much more. This data and video will then be made available to the league’s clubs through the Bepro11 analysis platform.

This agreement demonstrates the league’s governing body - The Northeastern German Football Association’s (NOFV) - desire to bring innovation to the competition through new technology.

Each team will have access to the Bepro11 platform, which provides a user-friendly means of accessing data and video across desktop and mobile apps. Interactive visualisations and downloadable PDF reports, accessed through the platform, make the data both easier to interpret and manipulate.

This combination of data and video brings an objective means of measuring performance. Coaches, analysts and players alike will now have access to a rich source of information to help them understand and improve player and team performances.

Coaches will be able to analyse upcoming opposition in more detail than what was previously possible. Tactical approaches, set plays and individual player performances can be better uncovered and understood thanks to Bepro data and video.

Teams competing in the NOFV will also be able to identify and develop player talent. The Bepro11 platform empowers coaches through the provision of data that can be used to benchmark players, both when looking to compare players challenging for the same position and when looking at measuring player performances over a prolonged period.

In relation to the deal, Holger Fuchs, NOFV Executive Director said:

“In today’s game it’s vital to have access to quality data and video to better understand an improve performances. We are delighted to have entered this agreement with Bepro and look forward to seeing them and their service have a positive impact on the quality of our league.”

Luis Kang, Bepro CEO and Founder stated:

“We are very excited to be working closely with the NOFV to help teams and players across the league. We already work with many of the clubs playing in the competition so it’s fantastic for us to be able to expand our coverage and service to the entire league.”

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